April 2021 Test Quiz

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  1. The first page of the bat list and whichever pages are relevant must be provided for each competition.10
  2. Regarding the bat list, model numbers on the bat must exactly match approved models on the list. Example: if the bat presented has the model PZPS-20 on it, and the list does not have this model number but does have the model PZ-20 with CSTM written after the model number the bat must be removed.10
  3. The playing rules preclude coaching from outside the team areas and field and there is not a waiver process to set this aside during the game.10
  4. “Distance coaching” by members of the coaching staff, adjunct staff, such as team psychologists and strength coaches, private pitching and hitting coaches, and input from other interested parties, is only prohibited from the start of the game until its conclusion, therefore, remote contact would be allowed before the game and between games of a double header or a tournament.10
  5. With the waiver to allow teams to use areas in the bleacher/stands to space uniformed personnel, the rules related to electronic equipment use and positioning on a live ball have also been set aside.10
  6. There are playing rules which specify the proper protocols for student-athletes and/or coaches during the National Anthem.10
  7. It is acceptable for a base umpire to hold up their hand at the crack of the bat indicating that they will return to the infield after covering the fly ball.10
  8. When a pitcher who is in the pitcher’s circle receives a throw from the outfield or infield, runners must be given the opportunity to locate the ball and realize it is the pitcher who has possession of the ball in the circle.10
  9. To properly apply the rule for a runner leaving a base before the pitch is released, the umpire should focus on the pitcher’s arm swing and then glance down at the runner’s feet.10
  10. At the conclusion of the game the plate umpire should drop the balls at home plate or toss/roll/throw them toward the dugout or backstop.10