December 2019 Test Quiz

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  1. Every official has had a bad game he or she would rather forget. Recognizing it is the first step to recovery. Then, make an honest assessment to determine the factors which caused the problem. Then put the bad game in the rear-view mirror.10
  2. Plate umpires are expected to complete a Game Report after their games. A good template to use is in on the Locker Room.10
  3. The Locker Room website Protocols Corner has information about pre-game procedures, but has no guidance on post-game procedures.10
  4. To find guidelines for proper dress attire when travelling to a college softball game, sign into the Locker Room and use the Protocols Corner. These guidelines are the same when attending a CCSUA umpire meeting.10
  5. The Locker Room website has an example of an email to send to a coach or event manager prior to your game assignment10
  6. The three major sub-categories for this Protocols Corner are: Game Preparation, Professionalism, and Mechanics.10
  7. Our CCSUA Locker Room website has Four Corners on the Dashboard page. One of these is the Protocols Corner.10
  8. It is raining and may affect your game later in the day. You are on your own, as there is no mention of the CCSUA Inclement Weather Procedures in the Locker Room.10
  9. If you have reviewed the articles posted in the Locker Room Protocols Corner, you are aware that college softball umpires are expected to adhere to a higher standard, as “Someone is Always Watching.”10
  10. There is an article in the Protocols Corner of the Locker Room with tips for completing an Incident Report.10