December 2021 Test Quiz

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  1. After a routine defensive play by the shortstop, the third and second basemen go over to slap gloves with her.10
  2. After a strikeout is recorded on a batter who fouled off numerous good pitches, the infielders go over to slap gloves and kick feet with the pitcher, delaying the game. During this time, the next batter is ready to enter the batter’s box to start her at bat.10
  3. How is “clearly beaten by the throw” interpreted?10
  4. A fielder makes a shoestring catch and immediately lifts her glove in the air over her head to show the umpire that she has possession of the ball. As she does so, the ball trickles out the palm of her glove and lands on the ground.10
  5. The first batter of the game hits a fly ball to deep right field near the foul line. As she is rounding first base, she is obstructed by the first baseman, #34. The batted ball is not caught and lands foul.10
  6. On an attempted pickoff, if a defensive player obstructs the base runner returning to the base.10
  7. In the first inning, the first baseman #10 is issued a warning for returning obstruction and her head coach is notified. Later in the game, #10 impedes the progress of the runner on first base legally leading off first base on the release of a 1-0 count pitch. The pitch is called a ball, and the catcher attempts a pick-off on the runner at first base where #10 tags the runner out.10
  8. With runners on first base and second base, no outs, the batter grounds to the first baseman who immediately steps on first base for the force out then throws to the third baseman. The runner from second base gets caught in a rundown between second base and third base as the runner from first base advances to second base and is standing on second base. The second baseman is blocking second base without possession of the ball and the umpire rules obstruction as the runner from second base attempts to dive back into second base where she is tagged before reaching it.10
  9. The batter hits a pop up to the second baseman and is obstructed running to first base by the catcher. The batted ball is caught by the second baseman for an out.10
  10. With runners at first base and third base, 1-1 count, on the pitch the runner from first base attempts to steal and the pitch is called a ball. The plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s attempt to throw the runner from first base out at second base. The runner from first base stops running and the shortstop, who caught the thrown ball, begins to chase the runner from first base back towards first base. The runner at third base breaks for home.10
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