February 2021 Test Quiz

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  1. Making sure that the count is correct is the responsibility of every umpire on the field. However, if the plate umpire gives the incorrect count the base umpire(s) should not say anything until one of the teams disagrees and the plate umpire asks them for input.10
  2. If the plate umpire does not have the correct number of balls and strikes on a batter, he/she has until the at bat is completed to correct the count.10
  3. If there is a checked swing or full swing that is not ruled a strike, a team has only until the next pitch to ask the plate umpire to go for help from a base umpire. Once the next pitch has been thrown the previous pitch cannot be changed.10
  4. For the Third Strike Not Caught signal, the base umpire extends the right arm straight out from his/her side at a 45 degree angle with the index finger pointing at the ground.10
  5. The base umpire has two umpire-to-umpire signals for a third strike situation – caught and not caught. For both of these signals, the base umpire should always give the signal whether the batter is ruled out by rule on this third strike or not.10
  6. Because we should avoid touching any player equipment, we should never check the pitcher’s resin bag if a pitcher brings one to the circle.10
  7. Primary responsibility for calling a violation of the runner’s lane belongs to the base umpire.10
  8. R1 (#15) is on first base. The base umpire calls obstruction when #15 is impeded while advancing to 2b. That umpire should take all subsequent safe and out calls on #15 even if she advances into another umpire’s area of responsibility.10
  9. It is acceptable for crews to develop additional umpire-to-umpire signals to enhance communication. However, the standard signals are not to be modified but may be used in conjunction with other clear gestures as defined by the crew.10
  10. In a 2-umpire system and a runner on first base only, the base umpire’s starting position can be either a set position, standing up, or taking a step with the pitch.10
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