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  1. A warning must always be issued to a pitcher on the first illegal pitch she throws. For all subsequent illegal pitches, the Effect is applied.10
  2. Between innings the first batter and the on-deck batter are taking warm-up swings on the field. They are joined by another player who is using the swinging motion with her arms to time the pitcher. This is legal as long as this player is not using a bat for her warm-up swings.10
  3. Between innings the outfielders are warming up by having a fourth player standing on the outfield grass behind second base and throwing fly balls to each outfielder. This is legal.10
  4. In a 3-umpire system with nobody on base, the batter hits the ball on a line drive that moves quickly through the infield near the 1b line. U1 can make a call, then move toward second base to the next calling position.10
  5. The batter has a 0-2 count with no runners on. She checks her swing on the pitch in the dirt. The ball rolls a few feet away from the catcher. The catcher thinks the batter swung at the pitch so throws the ball to first base. The PU asks for help on the check swing and the base umpire rules no swing. Another ball should be awarded to the batter, which makes the count now 2-2.10
  6. The batter hits the ball in front of the plate and then contacts the batted ball in fair territory just after she is completely out of the batter’s box. This is an illegally batted ball.10
  7. The defense takes a conference to talk to the pitcher. The batter runs to the third base coach to discuss strategy. The offense should not be charged with a conference.10
  8. The Two Out Indicator signal is initiated by the plate umpire. The base umpires should acknowledge by returning the same exact signal.10
  9. U3 is rotated. The batter bunts a ball that rolls slowly near the foul line requiring the PU to stay with the ball longer than usual to determine fair/foul. U3 must be prepared to take R1 to 3b for a possible play.10
  10. With no runners on base, the batter nicks the pitch resulting in a foul ball. The catcher picks up the ball and throws it to the third baseman who is standing in the circle with the pitcher. A ball should be awarded to the batter.10