November 2021 Test Quiz

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  1. The batter attempts to avoid being hit by an inside pitch. In doing so, she leans forward, stepping on the ground out of the batter’s box with part of her foot to catch her balance. The bat is still on her shoulder but the barrel, which is behind her head, contacts the pitch that then rolls into fair territory.10
  2. The runner on first base leaves on the pitch when the batter foul tips a third strike. The pitch pops out of the catcher’s glove and is caught with her open hand. The plate umpire, who is blocked out from the bare-hand catch, immediately calls a foul ball which leads the base umpire to instruct the runner to return to first base. The defensive coach comes out and asks the plate umpire to go for help which he does and finds out the base umpire clearly saw the play as a foul tip, not foul ball. The plate umpire then reverses the call to foul tip thus resulting in the batter being declared out and allows the runner to advance to second base since the catcher made no play. Is this correction allowed?10
  3. With two outs and two strikes on the batter, the runner on first base is thrown out attempting to steal second base. The defense properly appeals the checked swing so the batter is declared out on strikes.10
  4. With a runner on first base and one out, the batter strikes out swinging, but the catcher drops the pitch. The plate umpire calls the batter out. Seeing the dropped pitch, the batter runs to first base, while the runner from first base runs to second base. The catcher looks to second base, double pumps and then throws to first base just after the retired batter steps on the base. At the end of the play, the defensive coach argues for batter interference on the already retired batter so the runner, now on second base, should be declared out.10
  5. A slapper hits the pitch and drops her bat to run to first base. As the ball is bouncing up and the bat is falling down (out of the batter’s hands), they collide in the air over fair territory.10
  6. The batter swings at a pitch which then goes directly from her bat to the toe of her front foot which is entirely out of the box in the air. Her back foot is completely within the lines of the batter’s box.10
  7. Is the infield fly rule in effect even if no umpire calls it?10
  8. There’s a runner on second base and a right-handed batter at the plate when the pitch is thrown inside, bounces in the dirt and is blocked by the catcher in the batter’s box where the batter is standing. The batter steps out of the batter’s box (towards the dugout) because the pitch and the catcher are at her feet. The catcher picks up the ball and attempts to throw out the runner advancing to third base. On her throw, the catcher contacts the batter (who is clearly out of the box), which causes the throw to be too late to throw out the runner. Is this interference?10
  9. With runners on first and third bases, the catcher attempts to pick off the runner on first base after a called third strike. The batter, although not entitled to run, runs to first base in fair territory and, while completely out of the batter’s box, prevents the first baseman from catching the throw.10
  10. With a base runner on first base, the batter swings and misses. On her backswing, the bat accidentally contacts the catcher who is attempting to make a play on the base runner. The contact occurs inside the batter’s box.10
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