September 2020 Test Quiz

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  1. Rule 15 in previous rule books contained the rules pertaining to umpires (this is True). This Rule 15 was removed from the 2020-2021 Rule Book and these rules can no longer be found in the 2020-2021 Rule Book.10
  2. A minimum of two officials must be contracted for each game. However, a game may be played with one official because of unforeseen circumstances if the opposing coaches agree.10
  3. The final decision on any ejection is made by the plate umpire only.10
  4. An infielder is hurt while making a tag at 2b and a substitution must be made for that player. The umpires are not allowed to give this substitute any warmup throws.10
  5. Umpires shall not impose an effect on a team for any infraction of a rule when imposing the effect would be an advantage to the offending team.10
  6. An umpire shall not seek to reverse a judgment decision made by another umpire unless asked to do so.10
  7. Umpires may rectify any situation in which the reversal of an umpires decision or a delayed call by an umpire on a live ball prevents either team from making the appropriate play10
  8. With a runner at 1b and 1 out, the base umpire declares the batter out as soon as the outfielder dives for the ball, but the ball rolls out of her glove when she hits the ground. Now the umpire reverses the call and R1 is thrown out at 2b. The out stands.10
  9. Bases loaded with no outs and a 3-2 count on the batter when the plate umpire calls the next pitch a ball. The plate umpire belatedly asks for checked swing help and as the runners are advancing on what appears to be a base on balls, the base umpire confirms the swing. The runners are now off their bases and the runner from third base is tagged out advancing to home. The umpires may rectify this situation and place the runners back on their bases at the time of the pitch.10
  10. A line drive deflects off F5’s glove into foul territory but the plate umpire was blocked out by the batter and calls the ball foul. Everyone but the plate umpire saw the batted ball deflect off F5’s glove while over fair territory and U3 was in a credible position to assist the plate umpire. In the interest of “getting the call right” the umpires should confer and change the call.10