The Logistics of a Proper Pre-game Bat Check

It is extremely important that all umpire crews do a proper bat check before every game. Each coach shall provide a new, printed copy of the current bat list for each day of competition (only page(s) the lists the bats available for play need to printed). The bat list should not be laminated. Here are some tips to assist you with this:
  • Ask the team to place all their bats outside the dugout in alphabetical order by manufacturer.
  • If they do not do it, then the crew needs to get them lined up outside the dugout.
  • Make sure the entry for each bat to be used in the game is highlighted and the #units written.
  • Current list (date in red), team name, date and game time
  • The plate umpire asks for the team’s bat list:
  • Base umpire(s) checks each bat for model number and announces it and the quantity to the plate umpire.
  • In a 3-umpire system, the other base umpire can be checking for cracks, dents, rattles, grip, etc.
  • PU confirms the quantity for that model number is the same as that listed on the bat list.
  • Go to the next bat and repeat the process.
  • Once the bat check is competed for that team, the BU counts the total number of bats as the PU is adding up the quantities.
  • Compare the total – if correct the PU writes on the bottom of the first page “Total XX” and puts his/her initials and date next to it..
  • If the totals do not match, resolve the discrepancy until they do and then the PU will write and initial per the previous bullet point