The Lost Mechanics

Over the past years the CCA Manual, the “mechanics manual” for college softball, has removed some sections which had good information covering a number of topics which are still valid college mechanics. They may have been removed because of editing and attempts to make the Manual shorter.
o We must accept this but follow this philosophy – once a mechanic is introduced we keep using it whether it is written in the Manual or not, until we are told not to use it anymore.
o Do not tell anybody “we don’t do this mechanic anymore” just because you cannot find it in the CCA Manual. Send a question to John Bennett if you are not sure
We will endeavor to identify these topics and post them on the Locker Room. You will find the actual article in its appropriate place in the Mechanics Corner – its location is listed after its heading below. You may have to scroll down to the article after you use the link (look for the “Lost Mechanic” in the heading).
Here is a list of what has been posted. If you know of any other “lost mechanics” (something in a previous CCA Manual which is not in the current one), send an email to John Bennett and he will research it. If you have saved your previous manuals and can locate the year and page number, please include it in your email.
Here is what we have so far (these are direct links to the articles):
Mechanic for plate umpire after batter hit by pitch – Plate Mechanics
Sweeping the plates or bases – General Mechanics
Check swings – General Mechanics
A bit of history on college softball mechanics
Although college softball received their own rule book in 1997, no mechanics manual was released until 2006. Most college umpire organizations used ASA mechanics for college until 2006.
• In 2006 the NCAA published its first softball umpire manual. It was titled: NCAA Softball Umpire Improvement Program Umpire Manual, and was predominantly written by Emily Alexander (thank you, Emily!). This manual was published in a 1 ½ inch, 3-ring binder
• In 2007 replacement pages for mechanics updates were published to be added to the 3-ring binder
• The Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) took over publishing the NCAA softball umpire manual in 2008, titling it: CCA Softball Umpires Manual. It included both Two-Umpire and Three-umpire sections
• In 2012 there were major changes made to the CCA Manual, including the removal of the Two-Umpire System section.
• In 2014 the Two-Umpire System section was added back to the CCA Manual
• Up to the present time the CCA continues to publish the college softball umpire manual