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Welcome to the College Softball Umpires Locker Room. This site is  hosted by the California Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CCSUA) in affiliation with NASO (National Association or Sports Officials). The CCSUA was started in 2004 with the objective of providing a high quality instructional program for the development, training, and continual improvement of collegiate softball umpires and to work with the college softball assigners in that role. We understand the importance of a network of well-trained umpires who are professional and possess the knowledge and skills specific to college softball. Our efforts are congruent with the NCAA Softball Umpire Program (SUP), and we encourage all umpires to visit the NCAA Central Hub to regularly access the latest news in college softball officiating.  It is the only source for the NCAA Rules interpretations, National Coordinator Messages, and the annual exam to qualify for post-season assignments.
The CCSUA provides a training program with the purpose of developing the complete college softball umpire in all areas:
  • Complete knowledge of NCAA rules, intent of these rules, and access to the latest rule interpretations
  • Comprehensive mechanics knowledge and its execution on the field
  • Game management skills to handle difficult situations and promote the integrity of the game
  • Professionalism in all actions on and off the field
  • Adherence to the proper protocols for college softball umpires.
Our training site includes the following:
  • News and Notes keeping umpires up-to-date on all aspects of the college umpire environment
  • Informative articles on Mechanics, Rules, Game Management, and Professionalism
  • Video game clips with voiceovers
  • Tips on how to handle challenging situations
  • Monthly tests
  • Rule interpretations and clarifications
  • Action photos

Requirements for Working College Softball
For umpires who want to be considered for college softball umpiring, typical minimum requirements include:
  • At least 7 years of softball umpiring experience
  • At least 5 years working at the highest level of high school and travel ball
  • Be in good physical shape and move athletically on the field
  • Recommendation from a respected college softball umpire
Please note:
  • 1st and 2nd year umpires will work mostly Community College games.
  • You must be on-site by 2pm on weekdays.
  • Some travel is expected of 1st and 2nd year umpires. The assignors must cover games in Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Barstow, Lancaster, Palm Desert, and Hemet.
  • If you cannot travel or make it to games by 2pm on weekdays, please consider pursuing college umpiring in the future when your schedule allows.
College umpiring is a different environment than high school or Travel Ball. Game management, rules knowledge, correct mechanics on every play…all are minimum requirements. Being able to work with college coaches will require special skills of remaining calm during tense situations and conflict management. Conferences ask the Assignors to provide umpires who have:
  • Athletic ability and movement, and are in top physical condition
  • Complete understanding of college rules and mechanics
  • Good judgment
  • Ability to work with coaches
Conference Assignors are looking for officials who display confidence, credibility, and presence on the field. If you feel that you can meet all these requirements and would like to fill out an application and/or you have any questions about the requirements and/or you would like information about how to access this website, please contact us below.

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