Administering Option Plays

From 2018 CCA manual Section 4, page 26

With the increase in option plays, umpires must be aware of the possibility that, at the conclusion of a play, a decision on an option play may require the previous batter to be returned to bat with the previous count. It is strongly suggested that umpires glance at their partners as you begin to move toward the next starting position after a play’s completion. Do not change your indicator until you arrive at your next starting position and are confident that an option play has not been called.

Rule 6.10.4 wording 2018-2019 rule book

In all cases involving an option, the umpires will confer and the plate umpire will then bring the coaches together to explain the options available to the offended coach. Once the coach makes a selection, that decision is final.

List of option play rules

Multiple runners leave before fly ball first touched

Batting out of order (8.3.1, 11.8)
Inaccurate lineup card (8.3.2)
Unreported/misreported players (8.3.3)
Illegal player (8.3.4.)
Obstruction (9.5)
Illegal pitch (10.8)
Batter interference (11.20)
Bat thrown (11.20)
Illegal glove/mitt (
Leaving a base early (12.14.2)
Retired batter interference (11.20.3)

When there are plays which result in both offensive and defensive violations which result in options, the plays should be taken in chronological order as they happened.

Protocols and Case Plays

The following document has the detailed steps to properly administer these option plays and eight pages of scenarios. This document is from 2012 and many rules have changed since then. If you see a possible discrepancy between this document and the current rule book, use the rule book for the correct ruling.

Option plays - protocols and case plays