Notes from the Training Staff – August 2019

Your CCSUA training staff continues to work through the “off-season” to help our umpires improve their games, and to recruit new umpires. We did observations at the recent USA Softball Champions Cup in Irvine, CA. We will be holding a three-umpire camp in August at a Men’s Fastpitch tournament; umpires have been selected by the assigners to attend. We will be holding two Fall Clinics in September for potential new umpires, second-year umpires, and selected veterans. They are by invitation and will be held at Cerritos College and Bakersfield College. See the Calendar for details. And we continue to add content to our Locker Room .

Locker Room additions since the last Notes

Overall organization
Most of the content pages will now show three columns instead of two. This should make it easier for our members to review the articles for each page. All articles in the Rules Corner for Misconduct have been moved to the Game Management Corner in the Preventive sub-category.

New articles
Clarification for 8.3.2 Note – Inaccurate lineup. Rules Corner/The Game/Participants
Working with the Challenging Catcher – Mechanics/Plate Pitches
Verbal Communications – Game Management/General
Updated Going for Help on Judgment Call – Game Management/General
Updated Umpire Procedures for Handling Altercations and Brawls – Game Management/Arguments
The “It” Factor – Protocols Corner/Responsibilities

New video
Runner Regulations – Batted ball out of play; LBR out of circle

NCAA Softball will be issuing a new Rule Book for 2020-2021. Two important announcements have already been made regarding the major rule changes, and have been posted to the NCAA Softball SUP Central Hub. These announcements have also been posted to our Locker Room in the Rules Corner:
2020-2021 WSB Major Rule Changes

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