Notes from the Training Staff – December 2018

Dates, locations and times for the annual CCSUA Assignors and Training Meeting are posted on the Locker Room in the Calendar section – both North and South. Make sure you have accepted the appropriate meeting through Arbiter. If you attend without doing so, there will be no lunch ordered for you.
A new NCAA Approved Softball Bat List was posted on December 10, 2018. This will be the current bat list to be used when the 2019 season begins, unless another bat list is issued before that time. The updated link to this bat list can be found on the Links page of our Locker Room.
There is also a link on the same page to order the 2019 CCA Manual. You will receive this manual if you register for the NCAA SUP. It is a requirement of the CCSUA that all umpires have a copy of this manual. We may have some of these manuals available at our annual meetings.
Locker Room additions
The training staff has been busy getting ready for the new season by adding a number of articles, videos and other training material to our Locker Room website. The new items are listed below. Many of them are listed on the Dashboard page, as the most recent eight posts to the Locker Room automatically display there. And do not forget to take the December 2018 test, as it will expire on December 31 at 9 pm PST.
Another good thing to do in December: review the articles which will guide umpires to prepare for the upcoming season, such as:
Training Information button – Tips for Studying the Rule Book, Tips for Studying the CCA Manual.
Protocols Corner – Umpire Uniform and Equipment, CCSUA Umpire Self-Assessment Program

New Articles and Videos

Mechanics Corner – Mechanics for the Force Play at First Base
Rules Corner/Pitching Procedures – clarification added to 10.2 Interpretation
Rules/Runners/Regulations – interpretation for rule 12.4 and two Case Book plays
New pitcher dupes runner interp
Mechanics/Base positioning – Reading partner and play
Mechanics/Base calling the play –Tag 3b set timing
Mechanics/Plate movement – Good wedge plate
Mechanics/General – Timing on double call, F3 off bag then on
Rule/Batter Pitches – HBP In Box or On the Line
Rules/Runner Int collision – Collision of fielder ricochet, BR
A note from our SUP Regional Advisor, Jim Sanderson
Umpires get a chance to enjoy friends and family as we celebrate the holidays. We get an opportunity to show gratitude for the many things that we enjoy in life. Being involved in the great game of softball is something for us to be grateful for and we should recognize how it helps us be better in many facets of our lives.
The game of softball and the service that we provide to the players gives use more in return, an inner peace that we are making a quiet and humble positive effect on our community and its future leadership. We do not take lightly our role of being judges and the stewardship of providing for fair play within the published rules and mechanics. Our world and society are full of selfish hate, turmoil and mayhem. We hope to provide a patient calm confidence to the game that is built on trust, communication and focused listening. A life fact, better people act, think and perform better. The more grateful we are makes us better able to react and make good decisions is both life and softball. It takes personal courage to be different.
I give the umpire a loud standing ovation. You help me be better. Knowing and working with you helps make our crazy world better. Enjoy what you have, and you will probably be blessed with more.
Please remember that the bad experiences and long hot difficult games make the smooth well played games that much more enjoyable.
Thanks for letting me serve beside you. Go get ready for the best season ever.
End of Jim’s message
Your CCSUA Training Staff