Notes from the Training Staff – October 2019

Check the Locker Room for updates on the new rules. There is an updated clarification for the new pitching rule in the Rules Corner/ Pitching Procedures. titled Pitcher taking the signal.

Have you taken the October test yet? It will no longer be available after October 31, 2019. The assigners are in the middle of their assignments for the 2020 season. They are looking first for umpires who are using the resources to train year-round.

Comment on Referee magazine article
As CCSUA umpires you are also NASO umpires. The training staff encourages you to read Referee magazine every month. Page 59 of the October 2019 Referee magazine has an article, with a MechaniGram, that discusses the base umpire’s mechanics in a 2-umpire system, and the correct movement from the C position on a ball hit to the outfield. There is a mention that the mechanics do not apply to college umpires; however, more clarification is needed than provided in the article.

The article states that CCA umpires use the working-the-rim philosophy and would not come into the diamond. This is partially true. See page 416-417 of the 2019 for the proper mechanics. For both a single or an extra base hit we should work to get to the other side of the infield, with the priority of staying out of running and throwing lanes. Taking that into consideration, we immediately move into the diamond or around second base to a position as close to first base as possible (for a single), or read the play to determine the most likely first play on the BR (extra base hit).

New/updated articles and videos added since the last Notes from the Training Staff posting:
Pitcher taking the signal – Rules/Pitching/Procedures

Comments and GesturesGame Management Preventive

New videos
Pitcher stride foot positioning

Additions to the Training Staff
CCSUA has announced some additions to our training staff: Mark Maciel and Mark Craver – Fresno area. Dennis Wren – Central Valley

Notes from the Assignors

Please update your Arbiter for spring games, with emphasis on keeping your BLOCKED DATES current. As soon as you accept games in one group, immediately block those dates in all other Groups! Schedules are starting to come in and we will start assigning Division 2 November 1st. Shortly after that we will move to Division 3 and NAIA…then community colleges.

Recent announcements from NCAA
NCAA Championship Officials Conflict of Interest Policy; Taking the Signal Clarification; 2020 NCAA Softball Umpire Clinics