About the CCSUA

The California Collegiate Softball Umpires Association…

In 2004 the California Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CCSUA) was formed with the objective of providing a high quality instructional program for the development, training, and continual improvement of collegiate softball umpires and to work with the college softball assigners in that role.

To have an effective collegiate program, all facets must be working together in partnership – administration, coaches, players and umpires. This is the foundation and core of our philosophy. Our leadership respects the efforts of the Community College, NAIA and the Division I, Division II, and Division III programs. It understands the importance of a network of well-trained umpires who are professional and possess the knowledge and skills specific to college softball. Our efforts are congruent with the NCAA Softball Umpire Program (SUP).

We are pleased to provide a training program to develop a complete, well-rounded network of umpires so as to improve professionalism and skills and improve the quality of the collegiate umpire program.

This program includes:

 Umpire development and training clinics, meetings, and camps to supplement the SUP

 Updated information on rules, interpretations and mechanics through our meetings, Newsletters and Central Hub web site.

 Game observation programs to include fall games and in-season games

 Mentor program to assist our newer umpires as well as our veterans

 Advise college conference assignors of umpires who have taken advantage of training programs

Registration Information

Registration for the California Collegiate Softball Association is $140 per year. The Registration window for each season is from August 1 through November 30. This fee includes the CCSUA training fees, meeting expenses, administrative expenses and its year round education program.

Summary of CCSUA Year-round Education Opportunities

CCSUA Central Hub “Locker Room”

Monthly Newsletters

Periodic Roundtables

In-season Mentor Program

Observations from the CCSUA training staff, which includes umpires who have worked

 Division I College World Series and Division II and III National Championships

 NAIA National Championships

 Division I, II, and III Regionals and Super-Regionals.

 JC State Championships

CCSUA Pre-season Camp in January/February

Fall Clinic for 1st and 2nd year umpires and selected veterans

Fall Ball opportunities and observations