Notes from the Training Staff – April 2021

The 2021 softball season is in full swing. Community College games have started, NAIA as been playing for a while, and all three NCAA Divisions are well into their Conference games.

New articles

CCSUA/Play ball: SCIAC COVID Policies & Testing
CCSUA/Play ball: Community College Covid Testing Protocols

Updated articles and links

Protocols Corner/Responsibilities: The Protocols for Ejections.
A new link has been added in Links page for the NAIA ejection report.

We have had some questions about the ejection report for NAIA games. The link to it is in the Links button section, and also in this article on the Locker Room in the Protocols Corner/Responsibilities – The Protocols for Ejections. The third option to find this form is on the NAIA website –

Special thanks to Bobby Martinez for the information on the NAIA report.


CCSUA Training Staff