Notes from the Training Staff – January 2020

Recent important announcement from NCAA – a new bat list has been issued, dated January 14, 2020. The link from our Locker Room (use the Links button) has been updated.

Qualification test information

The CCSUA Qualification test has been posted. It will expire on January 31 at 5pm PST. It is strongly recommended that you download the available pdf document which has all 63 questions on the test. If you are not sure of the correct answer, research it in the appropriate source (rule book, case book, CCA manual, Locker room). Mark your answers on the printout, then take the test.

All of the rule interpretations we have recently received have been posted to the Locker Room. Find them in the appropriate places – for example, the interpretations for the pitcher taking the signal and her feet positioning while doing so are in the Rules Corner/Pitching/Procedures. As soon as we receive clarifications for the two unresolved questions from the NCAA Softball Umpire Clinic held on January 11, 2020, they will also be posted – is it legal for the pitcher to be tapping her stride foot straight up and down; and if the stride foot is initially set on the pitcher’s plate, may she slide it without losing contact with that plate.

From NCAA SUP Regional Adviser
The NCAA Classification Test is open and closes on January 30 – 5pm EST

From our Assigners
Find out more about the NAIA Registration process at our upcoming meeting.

From our CCSUA philosopher

Read the article posted recently to the Locker Room by our umpire philosopher, Jim Sanderson. You can find it in the Protocols Corner / Responsibilities.