Notes from the Training Staff – January 2019

The CCSUA 2019 Qualification Test is now available in our Locker Room. It is posted in the Training Courses tab; select the link “2019 Qualification Test – January 2019.” The deadline for the test is February 10, 2019 at 5 pm PST. The test is 50 questions, all True/False. The passing grade is 80%. You must receive a passing grade to be considered for Community College playoff games.
Reminder – CCSUA Annual Meeting North will be held on January 13. See the Calendar section for details.
The presentation from the South CCSUA Annual meeting has been posted to the Locker Room – Training Information section. This same presentation will be shown at the North meeting.
Recent additions to our Locker room
• A link to Referee Magazine Next Level email series for softball
• Article in Game Management/General – Changing a Call (expands on Getting the Call Right article)
• Article in the Training Information section on the recent NorCal Training Academy, and accompanying pictures.
• CCSUA Inclement Weather Procedures posted in Protocols/Responsibilities section.
How to keep your assignor happy
  1. When you work multiple organizations and you are setting your blocks please make sure they are with the organizations that you really want to block. Numerous times we have assigned games only to be told that you had blocked that date. If the date was blocked, we would not have assigned you.
  2. Not picking up games: Being notified that you have games, then not picking them up. You should know if you can work a game or not . You didn’t have the date blocked so why not pick it up or decline it right away. If you thought it was blocked that would be a good time to make sure your blocks are as you thought.
    3.Travel issues: Many of you have limited your travel. That is OK if you really want that, but it really limits your ability to move up if you really don’t want to travel outside your immediate area. I understand that some of you have a hard time getting away from work during the week. Arbiter allows you to set travel based on days of the week, so you can open up your travel on the weekends and take advantage of opportunities that may arise.
  3. Remember, there is a pecking order in assigning. Most times when you are offered a higher level game than the one you have accepted, the assigners will allow the turn-back if at all possible.