September 2021 Test Quiz

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  1. With multiple runners, PU is responsible for all plays on the lead runner at 3B except if the first play on the batted ball is by an infielder at 3B.10
  2. If BU does not chase, PU has all tag ups at 3B.10
  3. With no one on base, on a foul fly ball in the infield area on the 1b side, BU should bracket the play and make the call if the fielder is facing the BU.10
  4. No runners on base and a single to the outfield. BU should move into fair territory, by staying outside the diamond or pivot inside, if necessary, and keep all elements of the play in front of them as BR rounds 1B.10
  5. Runner on 1B only. Between pitches BU should move parallel to the baseline, or slightly diagonal depending on the starting depth, toward the primary position for a possible pickoff throw to 1B.10
  6. With a runner on 1B and a ball hit to the infield, on the throw to 1B, PU should trail the batter-runner in fair territory no more than 15 feet up the line.10
  7. With a runner on 1B only, the batter hits a base hit to the outfield and BU does not chase. PU should move to the front of the circle and as R1 approaches 2B move to a primary position for a tag play at 3B.10
  8. Runner on 2B only. Fly ball to the outfield which is caught and BU does not chase. PU has both the tag up responsibilities for R2 at 2B and any call at 3B.10
  9. Runners on 1b and 2b. If BU does not chase, BU has all tag up responsibilities at 1B and 2B on fly balls.10
  10. With the bases loaded, the batter hits a single to the outfield and BU does not chase. BU must be ready to take any play at third base until BU hears the PU verbalize coverage.10
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